Stick War Legacy MOD APK Download 2022 Unlimited Gems/Gold

Stick War Legacy Mod Apk is a popular game that has received phenomenal ratings. As a result of its dynamic challenges and superior graphics, it stands out from the crowd.
With the stick figure game, you must establish and control your army in formations or units. All stickmen within your gaming jurisdiction must be under your control.

Additionally, its top-of-the-line graphics and impressive sound systems will delight you. It has everything you need to take a trip back to the golden days of flash gaming, and stickmen gaming.
Are you ready for the ultimate battle between these scrawny but intimidating figures? Download Stick War Legacy for Android to enjoy every gaming action on your mobile device.

Additional Information

GameStick War Legacy APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Gems and Gold/Money
DeveloperMax Games Studios
Size63.2 MB
Last update2 days ago
Google Play LinkStick War Legacy

About Stick War Legacy Mod Apk

Max Games Studios has published this unique stickman game. Inamorta is an exciting world characterized by intense wars that players can explore in this game. There are at least 50 million downloads of this game on Google Play, indicating that its gameplay is highly appealing to gamers. Get Stick War Legacy for Android and join these players in thrilling gaming sessions.

Stick War Legacy Features

Below are some useful features. For a better understanding of the game, you should read these features. With these Mod features, you will be able to win every battle in Stick War Legacy.

A Fascinating Gameplay

A nation of Order will be under your leadership in this game. The people of your country believe in peace and do not worship weapons as gods. This will make you a point of interest among the surrounding countries.
Every neighbor will prepare to fight your people and introduce their beliefs to your country. Therefore, you should organize your army and attack first.

You should aim to conquer many technological stations to incapacitate them. Each stickman must be controlled, units must be built, and gold must be mined.
Furthermore, you must master the techniques of Giant, Archer, Sword, Mage, and Spear. This will enable you to destroy your opponent’s enemies and capture their territories. It is a simple task for even the strongest of stickmen.

stick war legacy mod apk 2022

Types of Games

In Stick War Legacy, you can choose the game mode that best meets your needs. The following are some of the outstanding modes:

The survival Mode

You will be required to survive zombie attacks in this game mode. To win the game, you will need to apply your superior stick fighting techniques.
What is the maximum number of nights you can endure ruthless attacks from zombies? Test your stick fighting skills in this mode!

stick war legacy mod apk download

Play the Tournament Mode

In tournament mode, you will face dozens of opponents in fierce battles. To obtain the Crown of Inamorta, you should always ensure that you defeat them.
It is noteworthy that all of your opponents will be computer-generated (Artificial Intelligence) geared. The AI opponents that you will face will be within your level of expertise, however.

Campaign Mode

It is based on the world of Inamorta, which is surrounded by highly selfish nations that discriminate against your territory. Instead, they are focused on advancing their technology and innovations to dominate other nations.
This mode of defense will allow each country to defend its territory uniquely.

It is so important to each nation’s weapons and fighting techniques that they are determined to impart these techniques to other nations.
There will be a war outbreak as a result of this persistence! In such a situation, you will need to assemble your army to defend your beliefs. You should use sophisticated stick fighting techniques to defeat your opponents.

Stick War Legacy Mod Menu unlimited gems/gold and upgrade

Watch out for other Features

  • Stick War Legacy also offers the following features:
  • Effortless graphics
  • Six bonus levels
  • Skins and weapons unlock. Leaf, savage, ice, lava, and vamp skins are available.

Download Stick War Legacy latest version 2022 [Unlimited Gems]

Get the latest version of Stick War Legacy Unlimited and enjoy thrilling gaming experiences. There are unique battle challenges and exemplary awards in this game.

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How to Install Stick War Legacy Apk free for android

  • You can download Stick War: Legacy Mod (unlimited gems) from the Surfapk website.
  • Open Downloads, tap on the APK file and select Yes when prompted.
  • The Stick War: Legacy Mod (unlimited gems) apk will begin installing on your device. It's that simple.


There is no doubt that sticky war is one of the most popular and top-quality strategy fighting games on the market today. With STICK WAR LEGACY APK, you will get double sword advantages and premium features such as unmelted money, unlimited skins, and much more. What are you waiting for? Click on the following link to download STICK WAR LEGACY.


What makes Stick War: Legacy MOD APK different?

Stick War Legacy has no money or gems. Then you'll have to spend real money. This mod app will give you unlimited money, gems, and everything.

How do you win Stick War: Legacy?

Play the game long enough to become an expert. Using the best strategy you learn from the game will help you win.

What is the best way to obtain free gems in this game?

When you click on "Shop" and purchase any item, your gems will increase. You are already entitled to unlimited gems and money in this game.

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