Mod Apk Download 2022 Unlimited Plasma Mod Apk is a top-down space shooter in which you must dodge and shoot other players to remain alive. Starting with a small amount of Plasma, you can spawn blocks and build your ship. This game offers unlimited playtime, global leaderboards, and cross-platform multiplayer capabilities. It is possible to have complete Plasma and all unlocked ships/blocks with the MOD APK. Check it out!

Additional Information APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Plasma/All Unlocked
DeveloperSimplicial Software, LLC
Size40 MB
Last update3 days ago
Google Play Mod Apk is a popular online game. You play as a space blob in this game and eat other players to survive. Game modes, levels, and challenges will keep you occupied for hours.

As part of this adventure, you are required to eject matter from black holes and move on. You will be able to access your blobs after a short period.
It has recently exceeded fifty million registered players and downloads on the Google Play Store and ranks among the top action games.
Its players requested a different mod version with unlocked features, such as unlimited Plasma, for free. Thus, we introduce the Mod Apk Features

There are many features in Nebulous IO that players can enjoy. The section provides all of the features available in the game.

Online or Offline Play

It is possible to play Nebulous IO online or offline. In the online mode, there are some ways to enjoy the game.
The player can connect to an online server or play with friends through Bluetooth when playing offline. Additionally, there is an offline mode in which you can fight against artificial intelligence. In a single match, 32 players can compete for first place. apk

You can Play Fun Modes

This game features a variety of modes such as Teams, Capture the Flag, FFA, Timed FFA, FFA Classic, Survival, Soccer, Domination, Mayhem, FFA Ultra, and Battle Royale.
Players can also compete in the tournament mode to receive many plasma rewards. Battle royales consist of two teams, with the last team standing wins.

750+ Unlock Skins

There are also over 750 skins available to players in the game. Most of them are composed of memes or funny themes that can be unlocked in various ways.
Examples include doge, laughing memes, unicorns, etc. The ability of players to upload and use custom skins makes the game successful. Share your image with the world. mod apk Unlimited Plasma/All Unlocked

Rankings and Achievements

Check out the server leaderboard to see how you compare. Earning XP, achievements, and stats are fun. Play to win, not just to enjoy! Break records and become the best player to enjoy many rewards.

Clan System

As with many multiplayer games, a clan system is also included in Nebulous IO. With clan wars, players are free to create and join clans.
For better teamwork, members can chat and get together in game modes. It is possible to meet new people and even join different clans within a short period.

Easy-to-use Controls

Controls in Nebulous IO are straightforward as players only need to use the control pad to move around. The direction you wish to drive can be controlled by leading it.
However, a split button also launches some of your mass in your travel direction. You can also eject some of your group in the order you are currently travelling. How to Get Palasma?

Stunning Graphics of Mod Apk

The graphics of Nebulous IO are simple but effective. Players’ skins are the main feature of any mode.
It is merely a 2D plane, so nothing special about it. It does not leave much to be desired regarding graphics, but it is not the game’s primary feature.

Mod Features

  • Resource unlimited
  • Infinite Damage
  • Anti-banner
  • Free coins
  • Cash unlimited
  • Play all levels
  • No ads
  • Enough energy

How to Download MOD [Unlimited Plasma/Unlocked All]

It is now possible for you to download the nebulous io mod apk for free. The following are some notes:
Check out our installation guide.

Your download link will appear in 10 seconds.

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How to Install Mod Apk (unlimited plasma) latest version

  • Using the "download apk" button on our site, you can download and save the official nebulous io game mod apk file;
  • Go to your android-SDK directory, click "tools," then double-click "adapt," then run it;
  • Run adapt, then open the downloaded mod;
  • Download nebulous io mod apk and install!
  • Settings
  • Go to Security
  • Install apps from unknown sources
  • Get the file and install it
  • Enjoy the game!


A loyal following has developed for this exciting multiplayer game. Each challenge in this game is more challenging than the previous one. When you become more proficient at playing the game, you will be required to develop a strategy to defeat your opponents. With this nebulous io mod apk, you can further enhance the fun and enjoyment of playing this captivating game.


Do you think your Nebulous IO tool is safe to use?

Yes, of course. The game only modifies files on your device, not in the cloud, which ensures 100% safety.

How can I obtain free coins?

Completing the campaign and weekly challenges will give you free coins in the Nebulous IO mod apk.

How does nebulous IO work?

Nebulous IO is an online strategy game. You play as an alien in the game. In the game, the goal is to have a larger territory than your opponents.

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