King’s Throne MOD APK Download 2022 (Unlimited Diamonds)

Dive into the Game Of Lust by sitting on King’s Throne. Prove yourself as the ultimate ruler by managing every aspect at its best. Recruit the most powerful army to resist enemy attacks. Take measures for proper flow of food and economy amongst your people. Also, live your love story by romancing ever-gorgeous ladies. Produce your offspring and do good for them. Enjoy the diversity of King’s Throne Game Of Lust Mod Apk now with unlimited gems.

King’s Throne Game Of Lust Mod Apk, an android RPG simulator strategy game that, invites you to live your life as a king. Perform all major activities required to become a good king effectively. Prove yourself by hiring the world’s best fighters to protect and defend your kingdom.

This android game lets you experience diversified gameplay of epic wars, mind-boggling ventures, steamy romance, empire management, and much more to explore. Download King’s Throne to become the king of the medieval empire in the virtual world to have unlimited fun.

If you want to enjoy King’s Throne Game Of Lust unlimited gems, download the game from our site. The mod file comes with many other unlimited benefits to explore.

Additional Information

GameKing’s Throne: Game of Lust Apk
MOD Features UnlimitedDiamonds, Unlocked
DeveloperGoat Games
GenreRole Playing
Last update2 days ago
Google Play LinkKing’s Throne: Game of Lust

King’s Throne Game Of Lust MOD APK

Become the ultimate king of your empire in King’s Throne Game Of Lust. A good king should know how to utilize resources wisely to benefit his people. Expand your empire by these resources to the highest possible limits. The protection of the empire is also your responsibility as a king. Hire the best army members to protect your empire and attack other kingdoms when needed. Not only this, the unique feature of this game is its gorgeous female characters. You can romance beautiful ladies, and produce children with them. Raise your children with love and marry them off to the royal families of other kingdoms to forge alliances. This makes your position as king stronger. A diversified character system makes things more interesting the more you indulge.

Tips To Play

Here are a few tips to play King’s Game Of Lust.

  • Take the help of tutorials to fulfill quests.
  • Focus on completing main objectives while playing quests.
  • At the last stage of each campaign cheaper, you will have to get involved in a boss battle. Make sure that you choose the best military man on your team (the one having the most strength) to fight him off.
  • Upgrade your heroes, but strategically.
  • Make most resources out of limited attempts regarding your activities inside the castle.
  • Be careful of any indicator pointing your attention toward different areas of the castle.
  • Make routine visits to the throne room; the most important area where taxes as in resources are stored.
  • Collect gold from the throne room to upgrade your military members; also collect grain that will help you hire more soldiers.
  • Also, focus on bonding with more ladies, and having more children; each factor possesses a potential benefit not to be ignored.
  • Unlock power slots by spending gems to ensure proper training of your army personnel.
  • Gift beautiful items to your ladies to increase the level of charm.

King’s Throne Game Of Lust

Do you want to play King’s Throne Game Of Lust with unlimited in-game resources? The modded aka cheat version of this game is available to fulfill this desire of yours.

You can now finally have King’s Throne Game Of Lust Mod apk unlimited gems. Use these gems without worrying about them getting finished.

Make premium purchases, unlock the locked items, and do several other activities that require gems to process, simply by downloading King’s Throne Mod Apk.

The update is available absolutely free of cost so don’t worry about spending any of your hard-earned money to access this incredible feature.

King's Throne Game Of Lust MOD APK

Features Of King’s Throne Game Of Lust

Diversified Gameplay:

King’s Throne is an exciting android role-playing game. It offers diverse gameplay to the players to have unlimited fun.

You will play the role of the king of an empire taking him through the incredible journey of kingdom rule.

In simple words, you will have to manage four basic things to become a successful king. The things being;

  • Food: The most important resource for any kingdom to prosper is proper food available to its people. Happy people signify a great king!
  • Soldiers: A kingdom is always at risk of being attacked by enemy empires. Hire soldiers with the best set of skills for performing the duty of defending the empire and attacking other kingdoms to gather valuable resources.
  • Gold: Gold is the currency of this game. Use it to hire soldiers, expand your castle, buy gifts for your maiden, and do other several in-game activities.
  • Gems: Gems are the premium currency of King’s Throne. You can use it to unlock multiple premium features of the game.

Interesting Storyline:

Apart from ruling the empire as a king, the gameplay also involves you romancing several partners. In fact, you can also produce your offspring. You will get the opportunity of naming them by yourself.

As the story progresses, your children grow up, you will also be able to marry the off to other kingdom’s princes or princesses. This action will ensure a start of good alliance with other empires making your place as a king much stronger.

Various Characters:

King’s Throne has a diversified character system. The heroes of your military team and your gorgeous maidens, all come in several characters. This feature does not lets the gamer bored because of its diversity. A few characters that you can make choice from are:

  • Maidens: There is a total of 88 beautiful partners available for you to romance. Like Rapunzel, Gorgo, Arcadia, Maleen, Marian etc.
  • Heroes: Almost 120 heroes with distinctive skills and fighting capabilities are available in King’s Throne. A few of them are the solitary walker, Everard, Demir, Itzal, etc.

Amazing Graphics:

Graphical representation in any game plays the most important in keeping the players hooked to it. King’s Throne graphics are somewhat designed on these lines only. The color combinations, the whole setup, the conversations everything gives out the realistic feeling of being in the medieval era. Explore the Game Of Lust with amazing graphics now!

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You can now finally enjoy the perks of being a king in a virtual world through one of the best Android RPGs. Play King's Throne in your free time and experience the life of a real king.

Every day you come across several kingdom-related games but what makes this game special is its love factor. Enjoy managing an empire by romancing gorgeous ladies by downloading King’s Throne Apk.


Is King's Throne Mod safe to download?

Yes, the King's Throne Mod file was tested by our best antivirus programs and came out totally safe and secure to have on your device.

Can I play King's Game Of Lust on PC?

Yes, you can easily access King's Game Of Lust on PC. It just requires a third-party android emulator installed.

What free resources do I get with King's Throne Mod Apk?

You can enjoy King's Throne unlimited gems all for free.

Is King’s Throne Mod file free to install?

Yes, the modded version of King’s Game Of Lust is absolutely free to install on your android devices. It does not require you to pay a single penny to enjoy unlimited gems.

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