How to install Stumble Guys on iphone

It is a game for mobile devices in which competitors must pass tests to qualify and advance to the next round. There are always attempts to recreate something famous for mobile, but with lower quality, as soon as something comes out for PC. The exception to this rule is Stumble Guys. Here we talk about How to install Stumble Guys on iphone.

A strong community of gamers is enjoying the game, and so far, it appears to be of excellent quality. In this article, you will learn how to install Stumble Guys on an iPhone.

How to install Stumble Guys on iphone

Requirements to Play Stumble Guys on iOS

Many people have been unable to install Stumble Guys on their iPhones. This guide aims to solve this problem for people who wish to enjoy their multiplayer platform games on the most recent smartphones.

For Android, the requirements are relatively straightforward. However, download Stumble Guys for iPhone to get a more complex experience. Your device must have at least 356 MB of free space and iOS 13 or higher to download the game.

Aside from cache and updates, you must also consider all the consumed space. Even though the game is designed to weigh no more than 356 MB, we recommend at least 1GB of free storage to not run at ten frames per second.

How Download and install Stumble Guys on iphone

Although the game was previously unavailable for Apple devices, it is now available on the App Store. It is recommended that you meet the requirements outlined above.

In the end, you have to search well for the game, press install, and then everything will be ready for you.
Enjoy this fantastic game, Stumble Guys, with your friends, and have fun in this copy of Fall Guys, optimized for phones.

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