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Drag Racing has brought a new breeze to racing games in general. The uniqueness of the game makes the player’s welcome to the game impressive. There are nitro-fueled vehicles in this racing game, which has excited many people. There are more than 50 different car models in the game that you can customize and choose from. Additionally, each gamer has the opportunity to demonstrate his excellent racing skills in a variety of challenges.

Additional Information

GameDrag Racing Mod APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited Money
DeveloperCreative Mobile Games
Size58 MB
Last update2 days ago
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In this game, you will take on the role of a novice racer who has just begun his racing career. Select your first car and let’s take to the tracks.
Race mechanics in drag racing are relatively simple, involving only speeding up and shifting gears. The game has a wide variety of in-game racing modes, and you will find the vast content extremely addictive.

Drag Racing Mod Apk Features

Here are some of the exciting features of the game:

The Control System is Simple and Intuitive

Enjoy high-speed racing action without wasting time getting used to the game. Let’s get on your favorite cars and hit the streets. By adjusting the gear switches carefully, you will be able to achieve the highest speed possible in the game.

drag racing mod apk latest Version

Cars of all Kinds

You will find dozens of different cars to choose from here. There are more than 50 officially licensed cars with some of the most realistic features available. If you show him enough cash, you may select any car from the dealer. Be the best in drag racing and ride only the best vehicles.

Drag Racing Offers Varied Racing Modes

Drag Racing offers a range of racing modes that will take you through some of the most enjoyable racing experiences.

  • Quick races – compete against some of the best racers in exciting quick races. Play short tracks of 14 and 12 miles to earn some cash.
  • Career mode – for those who prefer to race against racers with differing skills. Earn your right to play with the big boys from the bottom up.
  • Pro Leagues – and if you’re looking for some serious challenges, the Pro Leagues are definitely for you. Compete against the world’s best racers. Up to 10 racers can race at a time, so be prepared. You can win valuable prizes if you beat the competitors.
drag racing mod apk 2022

Take a Ride on Different Maps in Different Locations

Drag Racing introduces gamers to various locations around cities. Ride across multiple maps and terrains in epic racing events. Send your opponents back in smoke with your extreme Nitro boosts.

Online Racing with Real Racers

The game also offers online modes for bored offline gamers, so they can share their racing experiences with the best racers from around the world.
Take part in varied racing activities and earn your reputation.

  • Face to Face – is the best place to start if you’re looking for a quick online challenge. This mode introduces players to a random online player. To earn prizes, you must defeat all your opponents.
  • Battles between drivers – if you’re looking to make your name, online racing battles are definitely for you. In this mode, racers can join other racers in a multiplayer race. For first place, you must eliminate your opponents one by one.
  • Bet and race – if you’re so confident about your skills, challenge each other in an epic Bet and Race match. Put your money on the line and let any daring competitor race with you. Glory and money go to the winner.
  • Lastly – gamers can also connect to their social media accounts and find friends who share their interests in the game. Check out their racing records and see if you can beat them. Share your recent achievements and progress with your friends

Drag Racing (GamePlay)

Daily Tasks and Racing Prizes

Besides the main gameplay, Drag Racing also offers gamers exciting events and tasks to complete. You can choose from several racing events in the game. Earn prizes in a variety of events. There is no need to worry, each event is carefully chosen to fit your capabilities so that you won’t have to work too hard.

Garage Tuning and Customizing

The Garage is the best place to turn your old vehicle into a beast. The following section provides access to all the epic options for tuning and customizing your car that is currently available. Give it a new engine, exhaust, tire, etc. Give your cars an enhanced Nitro tank to gain better speed and gain an edge over your opponents. Even the paint and logos on your vehicles can be changed. Make it your own.

Set Records and Beat them

Also included in the game is a world records panel that provides detailed information about different records. This includes the names of the competitors, the events, the rules, and so on. You may then choose to beat their records if you feel confident in your abilities. Make the world aware of your name.

Play for Free

Although the game has in-app purchases and some advertisements, the fact that it is completely free to download still surprises many Android users. As a result, if you are seeking an authentic and satisfying straight racing game, Drag Racing is sure to meet your expectations.

Our Mod Gives you Unlimited Fun

To those who wish to eliminate all ads and in-app purchases, our mod will provide unlimited gameplay. The Drag Racing Hack APK file can be downloaded and installed on your device. You will need to follow our instructions to have the game available on your computer.

Graphs and Sounds of High Quality


Play a realistic and authentic straight racing game featuring officially licensed automobiles. Take a ride in the stunning cars, experience accurate visual effects, and send your opponents packing.


You will experience powerful sound experiences with engine growls, cheering crowds, and so on.

Download Drag Racing [Unlimited Money]

Drag Racing is the ideal game for anyone seeking a new racing experience that does not require steering actions. It is only a matter of seconds before you can begin playing this amazing straight racing game.

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How to Install Drag Racing latest Version 2022

  • The "Drag Racing MOD APK" can be downloaded here.
  • No internet or WiFi is required to install Download Apk.
  • Install the software, and follow the instructions.
  • Install it completely on your Android device
  • Free Unlimited Resources are available with MOD APK App.


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Drag Racing APK FAQs

Q 1. What are the advantages of Drag Racing Mod Apk?

Drag Racing APK has many advantages over other similar games. Players can choose from a variety of tracks and cars, and they are free of charge.

Q 2. If I have never played Drag Racing, how will I understand what you are saying?

You can view screenshots of the game on our blog. For a better understanding of how Drag Racing Mod Apk works, please refer to our walkthrough.

Q 3. Can I download Drag Racing safely?

There is no need to worry about viruses or malware when downloading the files that make up this game. It is completely safe to download Drag Racing, so there is no reason to be concerned.

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