10 Best Multiplayer Mobile Games For Couples In 2022

Are you in a long-distance relationship with the love of your life? Is the long distance between you and your partner getting hard on you? Do you feel bored most of the time, especially in these grueling times of quarantine?

I am sure you have talked about everything with your soul mate, and now there’s a long silence between you two. Maybe it’s time for you to try something new and exciting to make your bond stronger than ever.

Mobile Games are an excellent source of engagement. It allows you to strategize and solve the hurdles and become closer. Lucky for you! I have found more than 10 multiplayer online games that you can play with your better half and spice up your relationship.

Moreover, the following games are very easy to download and available for Android and iOS devices. It’s time to close that distance. Here you go.

10 Best Multiplayer Mobile Games For Couples

1. Words with Friends

word with friend

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If you and your partner love a good word game, then Words with Friends is a perfect match for you. It is an online multiplayer game. You can play with your partner, friends, and family by connecting your Facebook profile with the game.

Words with Friends is a fun game where you can show off your literary knowledge and keep track of your score.

Furthermore, it has a chat feature which is a plus point for the couples to express their reaction while playing the game simultaneously. The gameplay is simple; the player has to place words horizontally or vertically. Whoever plays all the tiles available wins the game.

2. Glow Hockey

Glow Hockey

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Is your other half a fan of hockey? This game is your chance to impress them with this digital hockey version. The directions of this game are very simple.

Scoring goals are the aim you can achieve by sliding the disc against your opponent’s goal. While scoring a goal is essential, blocking the opponent’s goal is the primary task.

Its neon theme enhances the gaming experience. It also has the option to change the color or style of the table. Couples will surely enjoy playing this game a lot.

3. Desire App

Desire App

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Desire is a fun game to play as it is designed for couples to enjoy and relax. It has some really cute challenges and keeps your passion alive.

The game is about giving dares to your significant other, choosing from a long list of spicy dares. The acceptance of the date will let them score some points.

There are features of private chats and journals where you can keep track of your relationship. Make your partner smile by sharing some eLoves through the game.

4. Virtual Family 3

Virtual Family 3

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Virtual Family 3 is a sequel to two very hit games, Virtual Family 2 and Virtual Family 1. This game will make all your dreams come true, even if it’s in the digital world.

I’m sure all couples dream of living and raising a family together. Virtual Family 3 has made it possible to choose your partner and start your life. You can choose your spouse and baby and customize your dream house in one app. There are no limitations, so think freely. Watch your sweet baby turn on to a kind human being and make good choices.

Show your love and share your plans through this game with your spouse. It has various events, and you will get surprised every single time.

5. Tic Tac Toe

tic tac toe glow

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Tic Tac Toe is an old-school game that has been played by many to pass the time. If you don’t want to play complex or long detailed games, this could be your go-to game.

Another great thing about Tic Tac Toe is that you can easily play it on a piece of paper with your partner. But if you are far away from each other, you can play it online.

It is a two-player game. The goal is to get three crosses or naught in a straight line. This means you will require some tips and tricks to win the game.

6. Dots And Boxes

Dots And Boxes

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This is an online multiplayer game that allows up to four players to play simultaneously. The gameplay is simple and engaging. Couples can play this game and challenge each other. It is Ad-free, so no disturbance will come in between you and your partner.

After choosing players, you each will get a turn to play. All you need to do is to connect dots and draw a line. The last line to complete the box will win the box. Here it gets a little tricky; long chains will give your opponent an advantage to claim more boxes.

7. Battle Text

Battle Text

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If you have the characteristic of working under pressure, then this might come in handy for you to play against your love in this game.

A little competition is healthy for a good relationship. Right? It is a very simple game, but it can get a bit challenging. In the beginning, words will come fast in your mind, but as time progresses, it will get tough. Start your word with your opponent’s last letter.

Two factors are important in this game. First, write faster than your opponent and come up with bigger words that have more letters in them.

It is a free, multiplayer game with various story modes and numerous characters and personalities for you and your partner to choose from. Battle Text is easily available on the play store.

8. Ludo King

Ludo King

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Ludo King is an online multiplayer game. You can also play with just your partner as it does have a two-player option. Taking the classic board game to the digital world. There are four tokens; the task is to make all tokens reach home before the other player.

Seems easy, right! But it’s not. During this journey, you have to protect your token from getting hit.

9. Quiz Up


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Do you feel like your relationship is falling apart? Maybe getting to know each other will help it rejuvenate. Test your partner with a set of questions related to you about different topics.

You can choose your partner or play with a random stranger. There are six rounds in a single match. It’s an excellent game to play. It can get a lot exciting and engaging.

10. Two-Player Game

Two-Player Game

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The two-player game is an app that holds many different two-player games. It has different board games such as chess, draughts, go.

It also has various card games, including Cribbage, Whist, Rummy,66, Pinochle, and Magic: The Gathering. Moreover, it has a variety of sports and video games such as Cue sports, tennis, Pong, and A Way Out.

This gives a variety of categories for couples to choose from according to their liking.


The following games will help you strengthen your bond, and you will know your other halves more after playing some of these quiz games. Don’t let the competitive side of your partner surprise you.

Enjoy the experience and try out new games. Quarantine and living away can get complicated, but choosing the right entertainment will help you get through this.

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