All Maps of Stumble Guys 2022

It is one of the games that is being talked about All Maps of Stumble Guys most at the moment. How each game is played and how interesting they become as you progress it clear that it is among the best games of its type. Therefore, many players have been trying to take advantage of each game stage.

Even though skill determines everything within each level, it is true that within many maps, there are usually environments that can help you. Because of all this, it is essential to know All Maps of Stumble Guys so you can better understand the terrain.

Get ready to play on All Maps of Stumble Guys.

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Stumble Guys ALL Map Guide 2022

All Maps of Stumble Guys 2022

Names of Stumble Guys Maps

Each map in Stumble Guys has its characteristics. It will be necessary for us to focus on being number one in every game we play due to obstacles and nosy opponents.

The following is a list of How many maps in Stumble Guys.

  • Floor Flip.
  • Humble Stumble.
  • Pivot Push.
  • Spin Go Round.
  • Tile Fall.
  • Bombardment.
  • Cannon Climb.
  • Icy Heights.
  • Space Race.
  • Over&Under.
  • Honey drop.
  • Lava Rush.

Floor Flip

There are many obstacles in this arena in the form of rotating or turning floors. The flip floor must therefore be understood to prevent us from falling.

Humble Stumble

We will skate through this arena, passing various obstacles such as reflectors, fans, and others. To avoid crashing, you need to concentrate on controlling your character at a fast gliding speed. Height of Ice

Ice Heights

A map themed around ice called Ice Heights is one of the Stumble Guys maps. Further, the slippery floor on this map makes it increasingly difficult to control, so you have to hold your movements well. A rotating block obstacle can also knock us down.

Space Race

Space Race is different from the previous map, which was themed around the ice. One of the most distinctive aspects of this Stumble Guys map is the absence of gravity and the numerous obstacles, such as rocks and planets, that must be overcome.

Over & Under

The following Stumble Guys map is entitled Over & Under. A unique obstacle in this arena is the movement of many poles throughout the space.

Honey Drop

Only seven players can experience this arena in a single match. As a result, this map is the final map used to determine the winner of each game.
We must survive last on a beehive that can fall when stepped on. As a result, we must move from one tile to another in the honeycomb.

Lava Rush

Lava Rush is one of the terrifying Maps of Stumble Guys. There will be plenty of lava on the outskirts of the footing, so it will be like racing in a volcanic area.
There are four maps on which you can play each round of stumble guys, one by one, with varying difficulty levels depending on how other players see it and obstacles that can pose a small problem.

Pivot Push

Pivot Push is the name of the following Stumble map. When hit, the fan obstacles in this map spin. Passing through fan obstacles requires teamwork.

Spin Go Round

Stumble Guys’ Spin Go Round map features obstacles in the form of a rotating fan that can throw you. Please do not stop there; many treadmills can make us slip.

Tile Fall Bombardment

We race to the finish line in Tile Fall like on other Maps of Stumble Guys. A tile track can fall if you take the wrong foot. If we pass this map, we have to gacha.

Having learned each map, we hope you can use the knowledge in each game.

One of the distinctive features We must be good at controlling the character so that it is right on target using the trampoline.

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